Snowmobile Tour -The Straight-

Your Limits!

Full Throttle
on the
Long Straight Course!

Furano, surrounded by the Tokachi and Yubari mountain ranges, presents a vast,
snow-covered landscape of breathtaking beauty. The endless expanse of snow is a sight to behold.
As you gaze into the distance, the towering peaks of the Taisetsu Mountains offer a majestic backdrop.
Experience the thrill of unknown speed, with the accelerator wide open in this winter wonderland!

Relax andSavor
the Winter Nature
on aLeisurely Course!

The deep snow-covered fields are special areas, normally inaccessible.
After experiencing the thrill of high speed,
one of the charms is to take time to observe the surrounding beautiful scenery.
As you travel through the world covered in silver,
you’ll see footprints and feeding traces of wild animals everywhere.
These small traces allow you to feel the breath of life woven by nature in Furano.
After a full-speed adventure,
why not slow down and surrender yourself to the magic of winter

Tour Details

PeriodLate December to Early March
Tour Duration13:00~16:00
(Snowmobile Experience Duration: Approximately 2 Hours)
Operation ConditionsOperational from Two Participants, Open to Junior High School Students and Above
Price10,000 Yen
Credit Cards Accepted
Furano Nature Clubture Club