Furano Balloon Flight

Wow… Awe-Inspiring

360° of Stunning
Furano Scenery

There’s no experience quite like it, where you can truly immerse yourself in a genuine 360° view -something only a hot air balloon can offer. Surrounded by the Tokachi Mountains, the Yubari Range, and a town nestled among these peaks, Furano stretches as far as the eye can see, all blanketed in a pristine layer of snow.

Shift your gaze to the horizon, and you’ll be greeted by the towering majesty of the Daisetsuzan Mountains. In favorable conditions, we can ascend to heights of up to 1,000 meters, allowing you to take in the panoramic splendor of Furano’s scenery.

2Serene Time to
Refresh Your Soul


The tranquility that follows the roar of the burner is something unique to hot air balloons.

As we ascend higher into the sky, the view gradually unfolds, and after the deafening roar subsides, a magnificent landscape stretches out right before your eyes…

The only engine driving the hot air balloon is the burner itself.

There’s no other flying vehicle that offers such a serene and unhurried journey through time.

3 Direction Known
Only to the Wind

Hot air balloons follow the course set by the wind. Their movement is limited to ascending and descending.

Sometimes, you’ll be greeted by diamond dust, and other times, gentle snowflakes will fall from the sky beneath you. Qualified veteran pilots will be your guides from the skies, providing you with a unique opportunity to explore Furano from above during the winter season.This free flight experience, available only in winter, is a truly precious opportunity!


A Lifetime Bragging Right:
The Furano Balloon Experience

Why Hot Air Balloons are Rare Gems
A Limited Number of Pilots
Limited Terrain for Favorable Flight Conditions
Ample Space Required for Takeoff
Few Obstacles Like Power Lines and Poles
A Knowledgeable Crew of Three or More

Celebrate a unique adventure in Furano as you embark on a hot air balloon ride, a truly exclusive experience in this breathtaking locale!

Furano proudly boasts a relatively high success rate in hosting hot air balloon rides, an experience that can only take place in locations meeting various specific conditions. The sensation of floating and the tranquil silence while suspended in the air create a truly unique and unforgettable experience that can only be found in a hot air balloon.

Requirements for Joining the Hot Air Balloon Tour

・For those willing to forgo their hotel breakfast, we invite you to join us for a hot air balloon adventure, as our early morning schedule may not allow time for both.

・We regret to inform you that our hot air balloon rides cannot be conducted in inclement weather or when winds exceed 3 meters per second. Please note that the estimated success rate for our rides is approximately 60%

・Please be aware that the tour’s duration may vary significantly based on flying conditions, so we recommend planning with some flexibility in your schedule.。

・Assistance with inflating (launching) and deflating (recovering) the hot air balloon may be requested. Feel the thrill of the takeoff and the satisfaction of the landing as you connect with the balloon up close.

Experience Hot Air Ballooning Through a Short Video

Let’s Boast a Bit! Free Photo Service

Our staff will capture the hot air balloon boarding experience using the classic GoPro wide-angle camera. Only a wide-angle camera can truly do justice to the grandeur of the landscape, allowing you to see more and more. You can download the footage from the link provided after the tour.


Tour Details

SeasonDec 23 to Late March
Time7:00-10:00 AM
(varies with number of people and wind direction)
Flight durationApproximately 30 minutes (subject to daily conditions).
Minimum Group2 people.
EligibilityElementary age and above.
Note: Weather may affect operation.
PricingAdults ¥22,000
Children (Elementary) ¥15,000

Credit cards accepted.

This tour is extremely popular. We recommend making your reservations as early as possible!

Were Hot Air Balloons Originally Exclusive to the Wealthy?

❶ Obtaining a pilot license costs an average of 1 million yen.
❷ Decide whether to buy the hot air balloon itself or invest in a luxury car.
❸ Utilize expensive propane gas.
❹ Always require a crew of three or more

Hot air ballooning is an incredibly luxurious sky sport. We want to share the breathtaking views that are typically reserved for pilots with everyone and spread awareness of the magic of ballooning. That’s why we’re offering free flights at the very edge of our pricing.

An experience that truly deserves a spot on your bucket list – something you must try at least once in your lifetime.

While you’re in Furano, why not seize the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime, marvelous experience?

Hot Air Balloon Flights: The Main Attraction at Furano Nature Club!

Discover the Sky’s Majesty with Our Winter Exclusive: Furano Hot Air Balloon Free Flights. Embark on an exceptional journey in Furano, Hokkaido, where the rare art of free flight hot air ballooning comes alive in the crisp winter air. Our seasoned artisans of the sky make this limited experience not just a flight, but a dance with the winds. Few places in the world offer this unique airborne adventure. So, why not elevate your Furano winter getaway with this unforgettable skyward escapade?

Complimentary Shuttle Service

We offer free transportation from various hotels in Furano City or Furano Station to the launch site. Please inform us of your pickup location when making a reservation. For those arriving by car, the meeting point is at Furano Nature Club.

Tour Itinerary

The Itinerary of Our Hot Air Balloon Tour
  • AM6:00
    pilot’s weather check

    We’ll decide if conditions are right for flight and contact you directly. Remember, balloon flights are highly dependent on wind conditions.

  • 7:00
    we’ll pick you up from your hotel or station.

    Our service includes a convenient pickup from your accommodation in Furano. Please specify your pickup location in advance, be it a hotel or station in the vicinity of Furano.

  • 7:30
    you’ll arrive at the launch site for balloon inflation

  • 8:00
    Take off!!

    Expertly Guided Free Flight Hot Air Balloon Rides. Our flights are piloted by licensed professionals, skilled in the art of navigating the skies. While the basic mechanics of hot air ballooning involve simple ascents and descents, our pilots masterfully use altitude variations to catch different wind currents, charting a unique course through the sky.

    Ascend to New Heights: On ideal days, our hot air balloon rides can reach up to 1000 meters, offering a majestic view of the landscape. The pilot’s ability to land with precision highlights their expertise in reading the winds, a captivating aspect of ballooning. Flight times range from 15 to 30 minutes, varying with the day’s wind conditions.

  • Landing

    The Conclusion of Your Flight. Capture the magic of your time in the sky with memorable photographs. Savor the thrill of the adventure as we return you to your hotel, leaving you with lasting impressions of your aerial journey.


Balloons are sensitive to wind. Even a gentle breeze affects them. Daytime atmospheric conditions, heated by the sun, are unsuitable for balloon flights.

Wear full winter gear as temperatures in Furano can drop to -30°C. Waterproof pants are suggested. We offer free boot rentals.

Flight lasts about 20 minutes, but landing can take up to an hour depending on wind conditions. Plan your day accordingly.

No meals are provided. It’s best to arrange breakfast beforehand.

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