Welcome to FURANO BACKCOUNTRY GUIDE. The local guide take you to the best snow field in Furano, Daisetsuzan on the day.
We will provide two types of the backcountry tour, “Resort” and “Explore”. The Resort is lift-accessed backcountry tour. Furano, Tomamu, Kamui, Pippu and Asahidake. The Explore is full-hike backcountry. Furano, Tokachidake, Daisetsuzan, and Local mountains in North Hokkaido area. Private guide available to choose the best locations for you.

A Guide Fee

1 people45,000 yen
2 people55,000 yen
3 people60,000 yen
4 people70,000 yen
5 or more number15,000 yen / people

A Guide fee includes your transport.
Not include your Lift pass and Equipments.

Please confirm our Cancellation Policy.

Multi day trip away from Furano should pay for the guide’s stay.

Special Tour

Hokkaido Powder Caravan